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The process for drafting TAP position papers is as follows:
1) Drafting Groups are identified and connected, and begin work on drafting position paper, with specific timelines.
2) Once the deadline for comments and edits has closed for the first draft of position paper, and TAP Coordinators work to incorporate all inputs from Drafting Group members into the draft.
3) TAP Coordinators share the position paper with the broader TAP Network, for comments and suggested edits, with specific timelines.
4) Once comments from the broader group have been taken in and reflected, draft position paper is made final, and TAP Coordinator circulates with the TAP Network and other civil society groups for "sign-on" and "endorsement" of the paper.

Drafting Groups will be responsible for the following:
- Elaborating a timeline for the drafting of the position paper.
- Coordinating with the rest of the Drafting Group to put together the draft of the position paper.
- As needed, one or two focal points may need to be identified within the group to help coordinate the group's activities.

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