2019 High School Health Student POST Survey
The purpose of this survey is to allow you to give your teacher ideas about how this class might be improved. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THIS SURVEY. Type your teacher's name, the current school year, and class period in the space provided. Listed below are several statements about this class. Indicate your agreement with each statement by clicking the appropriate option. If you wish to comment, please write your comments at the end of the survey.
Teacher's Name *
School Year *
Class Period *
My teacher gives clear instructions. *
My teacher helps me to be organized. *
The amount of homework in this class is about right. *
My teacher returns my work within a few days. *
My teacher sets high learning standards for the class. *
My teacher allows me to demonstrate my learning in a variety of ways. *
My teacher gives me opportunities to retake tests when I didn't do well. *
My teacher helps me outside of class time when needed. *
My teacher handles classroom disruptions well. *
My teacher shows respect to all students. *
My teacher is respectful to my culture. *
I feel my teacher values me as a person. *
I feel comfortable sharing my ideas in class (I may choose not to but feel comfortable if I had to). *
Please leave a helpful comment on something you like or dislike about my teaching so I can adjust to be the best teacher for you I can be. *
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