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UUFoM Key Procedures
1. The management of keys, the Key Box and the Key Log are the responsibility of the UUFoM Sexton.

2. Only authorized people with a demonstrated (authorized) need will have keys.

3. ALL persons requesting a key must fill out a Key Request Form. Key recipients will read and agree to the Key Procedures and a Key Holders Responsibility Agreement in order to receive a key.

4. When there is no longer a demonstrated (authorized) need, or at the request of the Board, keys will be returned.

5. Temporary keys may be issued for “one-time use” for a UUFoM-approved function or event at the discretion of the Minister or the Board.

UUFoM Key Holder Responsibilities
Having access to our facility is a serious responsibility because of security and safety issues.

1. It is understood that keys are issued for use in support of UUFoM programs and ministries or other UUFoM-approved functions.

2. The Key Holder to any portion of the facility assumes the responsibility for the safe-keeping of the key and its use. When leaving the building, THE LAST KEY HOLDER is responsible for securing ALL doors and windows.

3. Keys may NOT be duplicated, loaned or made available to others.

4. Report lost or stolen keys immediately to the office, 989-631-1162 or

5. The Board and/or Minister may request the return of a key at any time.

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