Join the Dialogue: Carbon180 Slack - Carbon Removal
Welcome! Carbon180 is a new breed of climate-focused NGOs on a mission to fundamentally rethink carbon from waste to value. Join our community on Slack to share carbon removal news, resources, event announcements, requests, job postings, and more. Please keep conversations relevant to carbon removal (versus general climate news, for example).

***To preserve the relevance of our membership, we will not invite all those who respond, particularly if answers are incomplete or one's connection to carbon removal is unknown. Please add as much relevant information as you care to share to assist us in curating this carbon removal community, thank you.***

Slack is a website and app that works like a chatroom. If you do not yet have Slack, you will receive an invitation and instructions to join once we've reviewed your responses.

[Note: Carbon180 will not share or copy individuals' statements without expressed permission, and will not take claim of or reproduce without expressed permission individuals' IP published in this forum. Please also review Slack's company policies.]

In addition, please bookmark this list of carbon removal resources to advance your learning:

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