Sustainability @ Burning Man [Best Practices]
Hello Heroes! Burning Man has made a pledge to become radically more sustainable - Hizza!

While they are doing their work, we need to do ours.

The purpose of this survey is simply to amplify the good, innovative things that are already going on on playa. This is an effort by camp IDEATE, and all information will be collected, curated and made public.

PLEASE be direct, succinct and specific. That will make it easier for us to use your valuable info.

So, let's share our best practice, mitigate our impact and do the impossible... create an even better Burning Man.

- Ryan (VaJazzle) + All
What is the name of your camp?
What is your name? *
What is your email address? *
What are your solutions for power? Do you set up your own system? If you use a provider (for biodiesel generators etc.), tell us their name, number and what the arrangement is.
What are your solutions for water and water use? How do you conserve, purchase, deal with water?
What are your solutions for recycling, compost and upcycling? Again, if you use providers, tell us what they do, how much it costs and how to get in touch etc.
What are your solutions for material use? How do you re-use, upcycle, dumpster dive, buy durables, and generally buy less low-quality cheap breakable stuff?
What are your solutions for food? How to you procure, prepare and enjoy SOLE food (Sustainable, Organic, Local and Ethical)?
What are your solutions for Transportation? How to do arrange carpools and low-emissions vehicles?
What else are you doing that's awesome, innovative and sustainable!? Tell us so we can spread the news :)
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