Haddon Road Playground Support
The Haysboro Community Association is in the process of fundraising and writing grant applications for a new playground to replace the existing structure adjacent to the roads depot along Haddon Road South.

Part of our application requires approval from the City of Calgary. As well, we are asking the City of Calgary for funding up to $70,000. To help secure these funds the City is looking for statements of support for this project from members of the community.

Please note we are collecting email addresses for HCA use only and will be used to follow up if needed. They will not be passed onto any other parties.

Email address *
Why do you see the value in a new playground structure at this location
Who in your household would benefit from this replacement and why?
If there was no playground at this location, how long would it take you to walk to another suitable City of Calgary Playground? (School playground at Akiva Academy is considered private and not a city playground.)
What barriers exist for you to using other City of Calgary playgrounds nearby? Barriers can include distance, terrain, safety of roads or crossings.
If the playground structure was replaced, how often would you use it on a weekly basis?
The street you live on.
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