Application to Spend 60, Life-Changing Minutes with a World Class Coach
Thank you for your interest in being a part of this revolutionary project!

With all of the training, books, videos and seminars that exist to help coaches become more powerful, the one thing that is missing for new coaches, that holds them back from reaching a high-level of impact and transformation in their clients lives is that they have never SEEN powerful coaching modeled.

You can help be a part of a groundbreaking new series that aims to change all of that!

By applying below, you will be considered to be a guest on a recorded interview hosted by me (Jason Goldberg of and another featured coach, who will be one of a few elite world-class life coaches on the planet!

You will be face-to-face (over Skype video) with one of these life-changing coaches for 30-60 minutes working on a specific challenge or opportunity that is significant in your life.  Something that, if you made real movement around, could change everything for you!

All of the coaches I have selected work by invitation or referral only and charge anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 per year to coach with them, and YOU will get access to their same wisdom, power and experience absolutely free during this session. You will also receive a recording of the session so you can go back to watch and capture any insights that you may have missed during the live call.

In exchange, you will agree to really "show up", play full out and allow us to share the recorded coaching session with an exclusive group of coaches who will sign up to be a part of this training to learn from watching your session and seeing the magic created and the power of coaching.

It is a real win-win situation in that you get to have a truly powerful experience of coaching that could very well create a true miracle in your life and you will be contributing a powerful example of coaching that newer coaches can learn from to better serve others in the world.

Once you submit your application, I will personally review it and contact you if I believe you are a good fit to be a part of one of our interviews.  

Interviews will take place in the Summer of 2015.

(note: though we won't turn coaches away who apply for this opportunity, preference will be given to non-coaches who are looking to have their lives changed by BEING coached.)
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