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Can you swim?
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HOCC Membership Agreement
All Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club members:

1. Shall have al HOCC forms and waivers signed and submitted to a HOCC board member prior to any paddling practice or use of club equipment
2. Shall pay HOCC dues to the treasurer as scheduled by the Board of Directors
3. Shall comply with all scheduling, crew selection, or any other organizational decisions made by the HOCC coaching staff.
4. Shall disclose and inform HOCC coaches of any and all limitations, including physical limitations, medical and mental health conditions, use of medications (see below) and promise to inform HOCC of any changes throughout the year.
5. Shall assist with equipment upkeep, race preparation, and HOCC fundraising efforts.
6. Shall NOT assume to borrow, possess, loan out, or “take command” of any equipment or assets that HOCC either owns of is responsible for, without the expressed permission of either the HOCC Head Coach or the HOCC President.
7. Shall respect all HOCC equipment and the rights and private property of all HOCC members at all times.
8. Members may be held liable for any violation of the HOCC bylaws.

1. This Membership Agreement shall be valid only for as long as the paddler remains in good financial standing and complies with all HOCC rules and policies as outlined in this document and the HOCC Bylaws.
2. Causes for ineligibility to race:
a. The member is delinquent in his/her dues or race fees.
b. The member is suspended by the Executive Board for misconduct during any Club function or race, which directly reflects on the reputation and image of HOCC.
c. The member fails to meet established insurance requirements.
d. Failure to sign HOCC required forms.
3. Causes for termination of the Membership Agreement:
a. Failure to pay HOCC dues.
b. Failure to comply with the HOCC Bylaws.
c. Any gross insubordination or disrespect shown toward any HOCC member, HOCC officer, or the SCORA organization.

New Members: $375
Returning Members: $325
New Member Non Racing: $275
Non Racing Members: $225
Due by April 1, 2017

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