ReactEurope Diversity Scholarship Program
Welcome to the Diversity Scholarship of ReactEurope ( whose fifth edition will be in Paris, France, on May 14th and 15th 2020.

We think that anyone can have a positive impact on the world developing amazing apps and libraries using React and its amazing ecosystem. However the reality is that certain communities are under-represented in our industry and thus we strongly recommend applicants from under-represented communities to apply for this scholarship. ReactEurope will make determinations on scholarship recipients in its sole discretion.

The scholarship includes:

- sponsored ticket
- financial assistance with travel
- free lodging

There are 3 slots available. We know 3 tickets may not be many but we really believe that this will have a positive impact on the conversations we will have at the conference.

All your information will remain confidential.

You have until Sunday October 20th 11:59pm UTC+0 to apply. Results will be announced on Sunday 27th of October.
Tell us a little about you. Are you a React.js developer, have you used or contributed to the ecosystem? *
Help us understand why you are interested in the conf, how you use and what you like about React or its ecosystem.
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Why do you want to attend ReactEurope conf? *
Let us know in what way will ReactEurope benefit you.
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What kind of assistance do you need? *
We'll do our best to help with our budget.
If you need financial aid for travelling, how much would it be?
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