Sign-On Letter to Representative Woodall opposing the Goodlatte bill
Congress may soon vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte's Securing America’s Future Act (H.R.4760). Rep. Woodall is one of the few Georgia conservative representatives that has not yet signed on to this bill. For the reasons listed below, we are asking Rep. Woodall to reject H.R. 4760 and instead stand with immigrants and our families.

Next week, members of Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta will be hand delivering these letters to Representative Woodall in Washington D.C. ahead of the vote on H.R. 4760. Deadline to sign on is Monday, June 11th. For any questions, email

Dear Representative Rob Woodall:
Dear Representative Rob Woodall,

We, the undersigned individuals from Georgia's 7th Congressional District, write to oppose Representative Bob Goodlatte’s bill, the Securing America’s Future Act (H.R.4760) and any cuts to our family-based immigration system, the diversity visa program or increased enforcement measures that would further tear families apart.

The over 1 million immigrants in Georgia are the backbone and multi-ethnic fibre of our communities, giving our state competitive advantage while providing economic opportunities, freedom, safety and stability to many who need it most. Over 400,000 are naturalized citizens, the majority of which came through our family-based immigration system. There are more than 300,000 undocumented immigrants, many of whom are unable to be sponsored by family members due to unforgiving immigration laws. H.R.4760 sends the message that these Americans and future Americans are unwanted and would wrongfully criminalize large swaths of them.

Particularly, we oppose H.R. 4760 because it:

-would not provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers
-would slash family-based immigration to the U.S by around 40%
-would expand detention of children and further separate families
-would end the diversity visa program
-would waste taxpayer money on a border wall, expanded detention, and immigration enforcement efforts.

The family is the cornerstone of the community and the most fundamental institution in society. Family members step in to provide support in times of personal and economic hardship. Together, families buy homes and start businesses that create jobs. When Congress fails to protect families, it abdicates its most essential role.

Instead of focusing on dismantling what actually works about our immigration system, Congress should focus on defending the immigrant populations under attack by passing a clean Dream Act and a solution for individuals with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), as well as drastically reducing funding to the administration’s harsh deportation machine that is separating countless families. The bipartisan Dream Act has broad support from the faith community, state and local elected leaders, business leaders, and faith and secular educators, and would provide the pathway to citizenship that would treat dreamers with the dignity they deserve.

In the coming weeks, the House of Representatives may have the opportunity to pass a permanent solution that does not harm immigrants, like a clean Dream Act, and we urge you to do so - without compromising family unity, undercutting other immigrant populations, or further militarizing border communities. We also urge you to reject Rep. Goodlatte’s bill in all forms it takes.


Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta
and the undersigned individuals

I urge Representative Woodall to reject the Goodlatte Bill (H.R. 4760).
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