Welcome to the 2018 West Coast Child Welfare Trainer's Conference: Presenter Information form
Note: As you prepare your proposal and subsequently your presentation, please take into account what former participants have felt makes this conference especially valuable:

• The registration has traditionally been small (60-100 participants) and our goal is to continue to foster this intimate, peer to peer feeling.

• A cherished benefit is time for networking with our professional peers, so each workshop needs to build in some opportunities for participants to share their expertise with one another throughout the session (beyond a brief Q and A time at the end).

• This is a conference for TRAINERS. Therefore it is essential that, along with presenting relevant content, we also model best practices as trainers in our style, methods, and materials.

• We admire and pattern ourselves on those who “Walk the Talk.” A strengths-based, learner engagement approach during each workshop will go far in encouraging the transfer of training of these concepts as trainers continue to develop their workshops after attending this conference.

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