OSDU Edge Lab PoC
Below is a list of questions that will help you prepare for an efficiently and timely lab deployment. Please complete as many questions as possible. This form will be used in conjunction with a project plan for review to gain access to the lab. 

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Who is project lead? 
Who is the OSDU Operator?
Who are the other contributing organizations? 
How many individuals will need remote lab access?
Which energy segment are you a part of? 
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What is the description of the use case?

A)OSDU Contributions

B)Key Result & Metrics (Automation of deployment, real-time assessment, power consumption, performance sizing)
What is the time duration of lab equipment usage?
What is your resourcing plan?
Red Hat resources will only be available for Red Hat products. 
Describe the hardware system requirements: 

1) Edge Devices (Certifications, Memory, Storage, CPU, real-time)

2) Additional devices for generation of data and visualizations (Do you have your own simulation software?) 

3) Do you need on-premise virtual machines?

What levels of access for the Edge Hardware? 
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What edge server resources do expect to use? Will you be using VM's or containers on the server(s)?
What are your OS Requirements for VM's?
What are your OS Requirements for edge devices?
What system management services do you need (Openshift, OSBuild, Device Onboarding and Zedada)?
What special resource requirements do you have?
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Which OSDU DDMS API are currently using or plan to use for the use-case? 
What are your OSDU Tenant Requirements? Do you have access to an OSDU tenant? 
To provide additional context for your use case, please send your OSDU Lab Proposal (Architecture diagrams, Key metrics, proposed schedule, data volumes and profiles, Gitlab usage) to rhtcannon@gmail.com.
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