Interest in Joining the AMTA Ethics Board
The Ethics Board values multiple perspectives and welcomes participation from music therapists who are Professional members of the AMTA. We are seeking to diversify our membership and we strongly encourage members of marginalized communities and/or affinity groups to consider submitting your name.

Please utilize this form to notify the Ethics Board of your interest in serving so that your name may be considered among prospective candidates for available openings.

Ethics Board members serve 4 year terms and are elected by the Assembly of Delegates. General information about the roles and responsibilities of AMTA Ethics Board members including desired qualifications are listed below, with more information found at

A member of the Ethics Board will contact you to determine your willingness to serve prior to offering your name to the Assembly of Delegates for election at AMTA National Conference. We respect the privacy of your submission and will limit how information you provide is used to this specific purpose.
Ethics Board Qualifications and Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

-Professional AMTA member with board-certification in music therapy, or equivalent training

-Demonstrated interest in ethics, ethical thinking, and assisting music therapists and others in applying ethical decision-making models

-Training, skills, or/and experience related to counseling, conflict resolution, mediation, motivational interviewing, or trauma-informed care

-Sufficient information-gathering and problem-solving skills to elicit information from others presenting ethical inquiries

-Ability to establish a collaborative relationship with persons reporting ethical inquiries

-Ability to maintain boundaries between personal opinions and professional role and responsibilities as member of the Ethics Board

-Ability to display empathy and professionalism during interactions but without personalizing

-Ability and motivation to work independently as well as with a team or in small groups

-Willingness to attend Ethics Board meetings during national conference annually (in-person or via Zoom), as well as in-person retreats (not at personal expense; offered as requested and approved by AMTA)

-Ability to maintain professional decorum and a sense of calm under pressure

-Ability to document and summarize salient findings from ethical inquiries, as required
Ethics Board Responsibilities
Ethics Board members will:

-Participate in education of AMTA members on topics related to ethics on a local, regional and national level

-Work collaboratively with other members of the Ethics Board on preparing presentations and developing educational materials

-Sign a confidentiality agreement and keep confidential all interactions pertaining to ethics inquiries

-Refrain from discussing details of cases among Ethics Board members to protect the confidentiality of a potential case

-Utilize technology to facilitate ethics inquiries (e.g., phone, email, FaceTime, Zoom)

-Serve as a sounding board for music therapists and others with informal inquiries, referencing the AMTA Code of Ethics by using Socratic questioning, and encouraging informal discussion with parties to facilitate resolution

-Remain impartial in ethical matters, avoiding providing an opinion or validation regarding a grievant’s belief that something is/is not unethical

-Provide education on Ethics Board procedures, as needed

-Provide conflict coaching with one other ethics Board member as needed for mid-level inquiries

-Serve as a panel member in a formal hearing as requested

-Avoid providing ethics guidance and opinions to music therapy individuals publicly, for example on social media or live-streaming, to avoid confusion between personal opinion and the views of AMTA

-Demonstrate willingness to learn and implement AMTA Ethics Board procedures

-Improve and apply conflict resolution, mediation, and interviewing skills to facilitate ethical inquiries
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