LCS Specific Material Objection

Parents and community members are able to review all instructional materials by contacting their child's school or the district curriculum department.  Parents and/or teachers or staff are encouraged to discuss concerns regarding classroom materials with their child’s teacher and or their school administrator.  If the concern is not resolved, the parent, staff member, or a resident who does not have a child who attends a Lake County School, may request a district level review as required by Florida Statute 1006.283 for objections. To request a district level review, please submit this form in its entirety.

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Part I -  Procedures for Challenges/Objections to Materials

A parent/legal guardian of a student in the district and a resident of the county may contest the adoption of specific instructional material, or object to the use of specific material used in the school or classroom library, or included on a reading list.

The Lake County Schools contact for Challenges/Objections is Kelly Dodd, Instructional Materials and Media Services Manager.  Mrs. Dodd can be contacted via email at

View the Lake County Schools Procedures for Challenges/Objections to Materials Here.

Part II - Introduction

This form must be used by a parent or resident of this county, in conjunction with district policies and procedures, to submit an objection to the school board for the following material:

1. Materials used in a classroom in the district, except for instructional materials as defined in s. 1006.29(2), F.S. The process and forms to object to instructional materials can be found at

2. Materials made available to students in a school or classroom library.

3. Materials included on a school or classroom reading list.

4. Instructional Materials adopted and made available to students without the opportunity for public notice, review and hearing procedures by districts that implement their own instructional materials program under s. 1006.283, F.S.

Section 1: Parent or Resident Information
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Section 2: Information Regarding Material
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Section 3: Basis for the Objection
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Section 4: Objection Specific Information
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You must be specific and provide page numbers, sections or timestamps, as appropriate. You may attach additional information that does not fit within this form.
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