Creative heritage of Nikolai Khomenko
We are preparing a report for TDS-2018 conference (June 2018) about the heritage of Nikolai N. Khomenko as a developer of OTSM-TRIZ and the initiator of the Jonathan Livingstone project. We are interested in collecting perspectives of those who collaborated with Nikolai Khomenko. Could you share with us some of your memories, comments and notes by filling this form, please?

You can either reply to all of the questions below or only those you find relevant.

We will be grateful for your help in presenting the contribution of Nikolai Khomenko!

With best regards,
Andrei Kuryn and Dmitry Kucharavy
Introduce yourself
Your name, affiliation, research interests, interests in TRIZ
Your answer
1. When did you first meet Nikolai Khomenko?
Your answer
What was the reason for this meeting?
2. If such meetings took places in different periods, please indicate these periods and write shortly about each of them:
Your answer
3. What were the outcomes of those meetings?
Your answer
4. What were the results of your collaboration with Nikolai Khomenko?
(publications, presentations, reports, projects, training materials, etc.)
Your answer
5. What is your opinion about OTSM Axioms?
System of Axioms for OTSM
6. Do you use OTSM-TRIZ models?
How useful are they to you?
The model is useful to study OTSM-TRIZ
I use the model in my activities / projects
The model requires further development
ENV (Element -Name of Feature - Value of Feature) Model / (+fractal version)
Advanced Scheme for Powerful Thinking (Extended Multi-screen model)
The Tongs Model of the Problem Solving Process
The Hill Model of the Problem Solving Process
The Funnel Model of the Problem Solving Process
Some other model(s)?
Your answer
7. Do you use OTSM-TRIZ methods in your activities / projects?
OTSM-TRIZ Methods and Tools
The method is useful to study OTSM-TRIZ
I use this method in my activities / projects
The method requires further development
Problem network
Partial solutions network
Contradictions network
Parameters network
Line of solutions
Some other methods?
Your answer
OTSM-TRIZ in education
8. Are you working in the field of OTSM-TRIZ based education as defined by Nikolai Khomenko? (Did you use to work in this field?)
9. What ideas from OTSM-TRIZ based education do you use in your activities / projects?
Technology is useful for education
I use this technology in my projects for education
Technology requires further development
Non-linear education technology (Network technology)
Technology of education based on "Yes/No" training
Some other ideas?
How do you use them?
Your answer
10. What is your experience with the project "Jonathan Livingston"?
Useful for education practice
I use these results in education projects
They require further development
Books, articles, methodologies
Experience to participate in project
In conclusion
From your viewpoint, what is the most interesting part of research results from Nikolai Khomenko?
Your answer
Have we missed something?
let us know your comments, notes and recommendations by writing them below
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