CSUF Impact Crowdfunding Application

Cal State Fullerton, once again, is rolling out our Impact crowdfunding platform for fundraising related projects!

Platform Availability: Applications are open to registered student groups, faculty and staff.

Application Timeline: We are accepting applications on a rolling basis from June 1 through August 31. Please note, projects will only be open on the website to receive funding for a truncated period - the month of October - on the site.

Account: There must be an existing CSUF foundation account that can be used for this project. Search by name, number or general keywords here: https://give.fullerton.edu/search

Application Process: Please complete the following application to provide your contact information, project details and foundation account information. Be prepared to provide at a minimum two photos and/or videos if your project is selected.

Application for a project page does not guarantee that your project will be hosted on our Crowdfunding site.

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Email *
1. Project Title *
2. Project Manager Name and Title *
3. Project Manager Email *
4. Project Manager Phone *
5. If student, provide Faculty/Staff advisor's Name, Title, Email and Phone
6. Department or Division *
7. Foundation Account Name *
8. Foundation Account Number *
10. WHY do you need the funding? *
What will be achieved with the funding? What will be the positive impact?
11. HOW will the funds be used? *
In further detail, how you will specifically use donor contributions? This should be a different answer than the answer above.
12. What is your project goal? *
Are you aiming for a dollar or donor total? Please provide total you are aiming for. Will advise on realistic goal.
13. How many Ambassadors (project team members/advocates) will you have assisting you? *
14. What is your network for donors and how do you plan to connect with them? *
What plans or strategies do you have for soliciting gifts? Is your entire group aware of the expected commitment for the campaign?
15. If your project does not meet its full funding goal, how will the funding received be used? *
16. What are your plans for donor stewardship (providing thanks and appreciation for giving)? *
For any project member to receive donor information you will need to sign an agreement form.
17. Have you already discussed this project with a member of the Annual Campaigns team or Director of Development? *
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