AOSR Student Authorizations by Parent/Guardian
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Dopo aver completato questo form e cliccato su "SUBMIT", riceverete un messaggio email con un allegato PDF che conterrà tutto il testo con le vostre informazioni. Cortesemente stampate il PDF, firmatelo e consegnatelo all'ufficio del Principal di riferimento.
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I give permission for my child to participate in AOSR sponsored day trips. I also give permission to the staff and chaperones to ensure that my child receives any required medical assistance on such day trips, if necessary. *
I hereby give permission to AOSR to print or share electronically our names, and personal phone numbers (Home or Cell) with other members of the AOSR community. Please, select the phone numbers you would like to share. *
I hereby grant AOSR the right to use my son’s/daughter’s photograph(s) in school newsletters, the AOSR website, social media publications (ex. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), marketing publications and materials, and recordings (live streaming) of school events. I understand that my child’s last name will not appear in these publications/broadcasts. *
I hereby grant AOSR the right to use my photograph(s) as a student’s parent, in school newsletters, the AOSR website, social media publications (ex. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), marketing publications and materials, and recordings of school events. I understand that my personal last name will not appear in these publications/broadcasts. *
I agree that my child’s artwork and photographs they have taken and / or written work they have created can be used in AOSR publications (i.e. school literary magazines, the annual school calendar, yearbook, social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, or for marketing publications and materials or communications purposes. *
I have read with my child the American Overseas School of Rome Technology Acceptable Use Policy and understand the content. My child and I agree to abide by the guidelines and regulations contained therein. I understand that access to the AOSR network is designed for educational purposes, but will also allow my child to access external internet resources. I accept responsibility to support the set standards for appropriate and acceptable use for my child when he/she is using AOSR computers, networks or any other electronic media or communication. *
Smoking is not permitted at any time on school property, busses or at school-sponsored events. The possession, use, sale of and/or exchange of drugs or alcohol (or any involvement, direct or indirect) on school premises or at school-sponsored activities is not permitted. All students will abide by AOSR’s policies on substance abuse, including drugs, alcohol and tobacco as detailed in the Student Parent Handbook. *
We have read the AOSR Student Parent Handbook and the philosophy and mission of the school. We agree to support the school and to abide by all school regulations. More specifically, parents agree to give their support to the mission, programs and good governance of the school and to uphold and promote the school’s good name and reputation in the community. They agree to encourage good study habits and the completion of homework; they will send students to school dressed appropriately and support and reinforce school rules with their children. They will communicate directly and positively with faculty, staff and administration. Students agree to follow the regulations and rules of the school, to strive to work to capacity in their classes, to treat everyone on the campus with respect and to take advantage of the educational opportunities available at AOSR. Students will be disciplined for violations of the school rules and / or will be placed on academic or behavior probation for failure to maintain academic and behavioral standards as outlined in the Student Parent Handbook. Parents will be asked to meet with the administration if their children are unable or unwilling to benefit from the educational programs at AOSR. Parents are held accountable with the paragraphs above and expected to treat faculty, administration and staff in a reasonable and respectful manner. The Head of School reserves the right to deny continued attendance to any student whose parents do not comply with this condition. *
How to update information directly on Powerschool: We are excited to provide you with a more efficient way to update your contact information for the school. As you know, that information is critical for us so we may contact you in case of emergency. If you need to update to your contact information, please login to your PowerSchool account (see the PowerSchool ID letter) and follow the instructions. That information will go to our registrar who will confirm the changes electronically. By moving to a digital system, we will avoid having to send you paper copies requesting you to fill out information that can easily get misread or lost by students transporting it to and from school. You can update your information at any time through this system. Please do not hesitate to contact our registrar at if you have any specific questions. *
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