Listening Log: Nov 16-20
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Select a piece of music that you DISLIKE!!!

Word Bank:
BEAT is the steady pulse of music.
INTENSITY is loudness or volume of a tone.
TEMPO is the speed or frequency at which beats occur.
PITCH is the highness or lowness of a tone.
TIMBRE (pronounced TAM-ber) is the tone quality or color of a sound.
MOOD is the general feeling or state of mind that a piece of music suggests.
RHYTHM is the movement of music through time.
TEXTURE is how the melodic and harmonic materials are combined in a piece.
MODALITY refers the type of scale or key a piece uses.
CONSONANT sounds are stable and do not need to be resolved
DISSONANT sounds are unstable and need to be resolved
FORM is the structure of a piece of music.

Don't forget INSTRUMENTS USED or VOCAL STYLINGS in your analysis.
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