GONZALES YOUTH COUNCIL-Youth Council Member Application
Aidan Cervantes and Magaly Santos
Youth Commissioners’ email: GYC@gonzales.k12.ca.us
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3. What do you most want to gain from this experience?
4. Please list your community involvement, extracurricular activities &/or leadership experiences. Be sure to note which are prior, current, or expected future activities. *
We are planning to have meetings from 3-5pm on Wednesday. Does this time work for you, if not write down a time that does. *
What are some of your concerns &/or goals related to improving your school, community, and/or city? Please share why these concerns/goals are significant to you AND at least one idea you have for addressing via the Gonzales Youth Council. *
D. Reference Information
Please share the Name, email/phone number, and relationship to an adult who would be willing to recommend you for this position (e.g., teacher, coach, advisor, mentor, pastor, etc.). *
E. Verifying Agreement
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By checking "YES", you affirm you understand and agree to fulfill the Gonzales Youth Council (GYC) Member responsibilities; and you know you want to make Gonzales an even more youth-friendly and success-supporting, you understand the commitment required for being a successful Youth Council Member, and you believe you have what it takes to be a successful Youth Council Member. *
By checking "YES", you affirm you understand and agree that you have read over all the valuable information that includes important dates, roles and responsibilities of a member, application checklist, eligibility to serve, benefits, and process. *
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