GONZALES YOUTH COUNCIL-Youth Council Member Application


The City of Gonzales and the Gonzales Unified School District are seeking youth representatives to serve on the Gonzales Youth Council. The purpose of the Youth Council is to provide youth formal, official opportunities to:

-Advise, recommend and share information to ensure youth have a voice and influence in their city government, school
and community, especially related to policies, programs and services that affect children and youth;
-Plan and implement service-learning projects and other community-improving activities of high interest to children and
youth; and
-Gain valuable leadership skills and experience to aid their success.

This Application is due no later than:
Friday, July 12th by 4:30 pm at City Hall (147 4th Street, Gonzales) ℅ Gonzales Youth Commissioners Amy Perez, Isabel Mendoza, and/or Madisyn Schweitzer. APPLICATIONS MAY BE SUBMITTED THROUGH GOOGLE FORMS.

Important Dates:

Friday, July 22 Applications Due (by 4:30pm)
Monday, July 24 Scheduling Interviews (via phone call)
July 29 - July 30 Interviews
July 30 - August 1 Selection Announced
Tentatively 8/5 & 8/6 GYC Orientation
August 6 National Night Out
*Twice a month are GUSD Meetings
*1st and 3rd Mondays are City Council Meetings

Application Checklist:

General Information
Response to Questions
Two References

Two representatives from each grade: 8th to 12th and two representatives from each grade will be selected to serve on the Youth Council for one term. Each Youth Council Member is eligible to apply to serve another term. There is a three term limit.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO SERVE: Students of the Gonzales Unified School District or residents of Gonzales who are 8th-12th graders and that meet the following qualifications are eligible for this exciting opportunity:

-Wants to make a positive difference;
-Great interest in representing youth perspectives and contributing to solutions that help children and youth succeed;
-Lives in Gonzales and/or attends Gonzales High School or Fairview Middle School
-Will gain input/feedback from children and other youth, including those outside of existing friendship and peer circles;
-Is open to learning and gaining leadership skills;
-Follows-through on responsibilities;
-Is available to participate in the following:
-GYC Orientation at City Hall - TBD (August 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th)
-Twice Monthly GYC Meetings - TBD (generally afterschool, up to 6pm)
-GYC Member & Family Welcome Celebration: TBD, depending on availability of full GYC
-GYC Leadership Training (generally held on Saturdays 2-3 times during the school year)
-At least one City Council Meeting and one School Board Meeting per semester
-At least 75% of meetings & activities planned by the Gonzales Youth Council

WHAT ARE THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE YOUTH COUNCIL MEMBERS: With support and guidance from the Youth Commissioners and Youth Council Advisers:

1. Develop and present informed perspectives, advocate and make recommendations on key issues, policies, programs
and services affecting the success of Gonzales children and youth;
-Review and analyze information, reports and studies; and
-Gain input/feedback from other children and youth as well as adults (e.g., parents, teachers, coaches, pastors, etc.)
regarding their concerns, interests, assets and needs.

2. Participate in meetings to discuss and address matters affecting children and youth and plan activities, including:
-Regular twice monthly Youth Council Meetings; and
-Attendance at assigned City Council and School Board Meetings.

3. Assist in planning, coordinating and implementing:
-a quarterly service project &/or activity of high interest to children and youth which also contributes to the
betterment of the community;
-an annual Forum to engage youth on exploring critical youth-related issues and devising and recommending
potential solutions; and
-a Youth Action Fund that Gonzales youth can apply to in support of service projects and activities that address
youth interests while supporting them to improve their community.

4. Promote activities and opportunities to other children, youth and relevant adults.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? The Gonzales Youth Council reaps many benefits for both the youth involved as well as our community – following are highlights:

For Youth, the opportunity to:

-Make a positive difference for Gonzales children, youth, families and communities;
-Gain leadership skills that will help them succeed beyond high school throughout their college/vocational training,
career and civic life;
-Have fun, develop new friendships, enjoy new experiences; and
-Earn recommendations for other leadership development opportunities, college, scholarships and employment.

For the City of Gonzales, Gonzales Unified School District and community, the opportunity to:

-Gain insights of youth to develop more informed and responsive policies, programs and services to better achieve
results for children and youth; and
-Further contribute to an informed, engaged citizenry and skilled workforce.

1. Complete attached application consisting of: General Information, Response to Questions, Essay & Reference
2. After your application is turned in, you will be contacted within 5 days to schedule an interview.

Isabel Mendoza, Amy Perez, or Madisyn Schweitzer
Youth Commissioners’ email: GYC@gonzales.k12.ca.us

Email address *
A. General Information:
Full name: *
Birthday *
School *
Incoming Grade Level (The grade you will be in for the 2019-2020 school year) *
Mailing Address (Please include City, Zip code, and State) *
Phone Number (personal) *
What days are you available during the week? *
Parent/Guardian Name and Phone Number *
Be sure you read the Youth Council Member position description before responding.
1. What interests you about becoming a Youth Council member? What do you most want to gain from this experience? (Minimum 150 words) *
2. What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of successfully serving as a Youth Council member? What support would be helpful to help you overcome this challenge? (Minimum 150 words) *
3. Please list your community involvement, extracurricular activities &/or leadership experiences. Be sure to note which are prior, current, or expected future activities. *
C. ESSAY (Minimum 250 words)
What are your interests &/or goals related to improving your school, community, and/or city? Please share why these interests/goals are important to you AND at least one idea you have for addressing via the Gonzales Youth Council. *
D. Reference Sheet
Please let us know who we can contact to learn more about you.
Please share the Name, email/phone number, and relationship to the adult who would be willing to recommend you for this position. (ex: teacher, coach, advisor, mentor, pastor, etc. Please note these are not the only examples. Your parents/guardians CANNOT recommend you for this position) *
E. Verifying Agreement
Youth Applicant: By checking "YES", you affirm you understand and agree to fulfill the Gonzales Youth Council (GYC) Member responsibilities: you know you want to make Gonzales an even more youth-friendly and success-supporting, you understand the commitment required for being a successful Youth Council Member, and you believe you have what it takes to be a successful Youth Council Member. *
Parent/Guardian: By checking "YES", you affirm your support of your child’s application to serve as a GYC Member and commit to support her/him to fulfill the responsibilities of this position, including allowing her/him to participate in activities during her/his term: *
F. Questions, Concerns, and/or Additional Considerations (comments)
Please share any questions, concerns &/or additional considerations you like the Selection Committee to address:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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