Reporting Harassment
This is a form in which anyone can report an instance of harassment that occurs at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective, either during shows or classes. This form will be automatically sent to Artistic Director Philip Markle and Programming Director Annie Donley. The form can be filled out anonymously if desired, though that will limit our ability to follow-up and address any claims. If you have an issue with Philip or Annie individually, you can always reach out to the other person on staff by directly emailing or

Harassment Policy: The BCC is a home for creativity, risk-taking and expression. We value the safety of all participants and performers in our space. Improvisation training is a delicate balance: while we encourage students and performers to take risks and explore areas that may feel unusual or even a bit uncomfortable, there is a difference between uncomfortable and unsafe. We empower every student to have the right to stop an improvised scene at any moment necessary, for any reason, and as teachers we look to protect every participant, read the room, and stop to address an inappropriate situation before it escalates or even takes place. We encourage dialogue and frank discussion about any issues or feelings that arise in class. Homophobic, sexist, racist, or offensive comments made for the sake of simply saying or doing something "edgy" or "inappropriate," or as the butt of a joke, are never tolerated. Students or performers who violate this policy will receive a written warning for the first offense and will be removed from classes (without refund) for further offenses, in order to maintain classroom integrity for our creativity community. During classes, each instructor is to operate according to the policy outlined above and ensure a safe environment for all involved and report any issues immediately to the BCC managing staff. Teachers are strictly not allowed to date or have any sexual interaction with any student while that student is a member of that teacher's class. During shows, house managers are to keep an eye out for the general safety and well-being of everyone in the theater.
If any party on staff is the subject or party to a harassment claim, that person is recused from decision-making about the consequences/outcome/punishment.

Reporting Harassment:

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