Chapter 5 Influence
After listening to Chapter 4, you can enter your story ideas and details, your narrative imaginings, and any character progressions you want to see (or not - death is a possibility) below.

Everything is on the table, so get creative - the entire next chapter could be about what YOU have submitted. You do not have to submit for everything, though the more you do, the more you could influence the story!

If you require a new line for your input, select SHIFT + ENTER.

Known Narratives & Characters
This is where you may submit influence for the KNOWN narratives, plots, and characters. For example, you may suggest that this certain thing happens to a character, or that plot takes a turn for the better or worse. Have fun.
Iluka, Wangera, Yasmina & The Shroud Giant.
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Josh, Krosto, The Island & The Hunt for Dudernime
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Evan, Jena, McMullen & Giant language
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Lord Raiko, Ostorus, & George The Prisoner
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Other & Unknown Narratives / Characters
This is where you may submit influence for OTHER and UNKNOWN narratives, plots, and characters. For example, we may not have seen other characters in the last chapter, and we don't have answers for many of the questions. This is your opportunity to be creative.
Other & Unknown Narrative Influence
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Other & Unknown Character Influence
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Survey Question
This is a mini-quality control question of the influence form - totally optional.
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