Crowdsource Me- Vote for what I should learn in 2012


<B>How to juggle four objects</B> - Sure, why not? I can actually juggle three objects for a couple seconds, so this would be a big jump...
<B>Norse Mythology</B> - Interesting! I picked this one because it was one of the only ones that was less of a physical task or skill. I've always been interested in mythology (as a big D&D fan/player and really got into Greek mythology in high school). Plus I collected the comic book Thor when I was a kid. Have some light background knowledge from that of the major players but have a ton of room to learn more.
<B>Origami</B> - This would be a fun, cost effective one to try- something I could share with my girls too
<B>How to throw a football</B> - I've always sucked at this. I throw them into the dirt. I put this one in here because I think the videos of the process would be hilariously similar to Uncle Rico. By the end of the year, I suspect I'll be able to throw a football over a mountain.
<B>Play the steel drums</B> - this would have an upfront cost of around $200 (have looked online for some starter sets). This would be my Xmas gift this year... I like this idea because I'm really into music and steel drums fit my mellow tude.

Voting open until December 9th and results to be posted to

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