Builder Volunteer Request
If you are a builder who has considerable skill and the ability to build on a large scale such as with regions or multiple areas quickly, we would be so appreciative of your offer to help. Please complete the following information and thank you!
Your Second Life name?
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Your e-mail address?
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Do you have an in-world link that provides a reference to some of your work?
We are looking for large scale work, not furnishings or small items. Please provide the link to the in-world location below.
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In the event there is a need, are you available for Relay Weekend, which is July 15-16, 2017?
Thank you!
Once again, we appreciate your willingness to share your talents! Please keep in mind that builders are chosen based on their ability and on a first-come-first-serve basis. Projects may vary throughout the season and may or may not include Relay Weekend.
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