NOMCON 2020 Request For Proposals

Nation of Makers is thrilled to hold our 3rd Annual Convening, NOMCON 2020, June 5-7, 2020 in Eugene Oregon! This year's theme, Sustainability: Creating and Supporting an Ecosystem That Sustains Us All, will foster an all-community dialogue around the very real issues of both organizational and environmental sustainability while building upon the foundation of our first two successful NOMCON themes (Intentional Inclusion (2018) and The Power of the Network (2019)).

If you are interested in submitting a fully-fleshed out programming idea, please submit your proposal using this form.

_____Deadline is April 20, 2020 (EXTENDED!)_____

Please note:

- Your proposal should include: The Topic, Tentative Title, Presenter(s), Facilitator(s), etc., and should be ready to present if accepted!

- If you have an idea, but it is not a fully formed proposal, please submit it through our Tricider, for discussion and development:

Proposals that are engage the attendees, within the NOMCON theme of "sustainability", and fully fleshed out will be given priority for acceptance. In particular, the programming committee is interested in including engaging, thought-provoking sessions and dialogue around topics such as the following:

- How we continue to survive and thrive individually as maker organizations and collectively, as a maker ecosystem
- How our collective impact as the Nation of Makers can help us sustain and grow our local impact
- The role that intentional inclusion plays in building a sustainable maker ecosystem
- How and why the maker movement and making can be/should be used to further global sustainability
- What our role is as makers in creating a more sustainable earth
- How we can create maker organizations that are sustainable in terms of infrastructure and practices

Thank you for your submission, and we look forward to seeing you at NOMCON 2020!

For more information about NOMCON, please visit:
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