2019 Denali Randonneurs Membership
$25 Membership - 2019 Season
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Review 2019 Denali Randonneurs member Release and Waiver of Liability (see below link)
2019 Denali Randonneurs Rider Personal Responsibility Acknowledgment
This is a supplement to, not a replacement for, the Denali Randonneurs Member Release and Waiver of Liability or the Denali Randonneurs Activity Release and Waiver of Liability
I acknowledge the following: Cycling is an activity that carries with it substantial risk of personal injury. I am not participating in a bicycle race; I am participating in a personal tour. I will be operating a bicycle on public roadways that are open to motor vehicles. This results in my exposure as a bicycle rider to motor vehicle traffic, a potentially (some might say inherently) unsafe act. These roadways will not be marked with signage or ride workers to indicate the presence of bicycle riders to motor vehicle operators. At all times, I will comply with all applicable laws as they relate to the operation of bicycles on public roadways. Failure to do so is unlawful and inherently unsafe. I understand that physical conditions on public roadways are variable and subject to change at any time without notice to bicycle riders or motor vehicle operators. I understand that inclement weather can occur at any time and may adversely affect safety of bicycle riders and motor vehicle operators on public roadways. If I feel unsafe riding a bicycle at any time for any reason during any Denali Randonneurs activity I will immediately stop riding. Ultimately, the decision to operate my bicycle on any roadway while participating in any Denali Randonneurs activity rests solely with me, as do any potential consequence(s) of that decision. I understand that riders can do everything correctly -- and accidents can still occur. It bears repeating: I understand that cycling is an activity that carries with it substantial risk of personal injury.
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