Data collection of Science Students - Alumni Association of Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy
Greetings from the Alumni Association of Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy. We are building a database of alumni. Please spare some time to fill in the information. If you require any clarification, you may contact the HOD/ any faculty of the department you studied.

Before you fill the form, please note the following (1) Three different forms are used for Arts, Science and Commerce streams. Please ensure you are filling in the correct one. If you have got the link for the wrong one, please contact alumni association representatives.   (2) This database is being developed based on degree students. So, if you have also done Pre-Degree or PG  from our college, please fill details of degree course first and use section II for entering information on Pre-Degree or PG (3) Passing out year means the year you completed the course. (4) Please use the same phone number in all forms. (5) Please provide answers to all question applicable to you even if it is not a mandatory question. For example, if you have an email id, please provide that. It is not made a compulsory question since some persons may not be using email. Similarly, occupation details, higher education details etc.

 For any clarification you may contact anyone of the following alumni association representatives. Ms. Anju Nair (Chemistry) 9048755448, Ms. Soumya Menon P (Physics) 9645043412, Ajimol (Zoology) 9400732839,  Ms. Rosemol M D (Mathematics) 7559885650,  Ms. Remya P R 7619228910 and  Ms. Anjana Jose 8606109029(Computer Science).

You are requested to make a visit to the college website 

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Thank you for filling the information. We have created two Telegram groups for easy communication with the alumni members. (a) One is titled 'Alumni Central' which is a common group of the alumni for communicating common announcements. All of you are requested to join 'Alumni Central'  (b) The Second Telegram group is department specific. Please join the alumni group of your respective department.
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Section II (Information on second course - PG or Pre Degree) This section is applicable only if you have done two courses in our college. If you have done Degree and another course in our college (PG or Pre Degree), please enter information about it here.  If you have done a PG Course, please fill questions 1 and 2. If you have done Pre Degree, please go to question 3. Question 1: Details of PG course
Question 2: PG passing out year
Question 3: If you have studied Pre Degree, please enter the year of passing out
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