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Have you ever wanted to start your own natural product business or line of essential Oils? This can be quite daunting as some of the obstacles are lack of knowledge and skill in development, expertise in purchasing quality ingredients, and where to find those great suppliers to obtain necessary materials. Then there is formula development which can be very costly.

The financial investment and burden of the inventory required to get started can be quite overwhelming. You still need the money and time to market your product and run the business.

That’s where we can help! With hundreds of proven formulas, ingredients, essential and carrier oils we can arrange to package one of our favorite sellers into your containers. We can also arrange slight modifications to customize your product by changing fragrance, essential oils or other fine botanical.

If you have a great formula but do not have the time to produce or can’t afford the high minimum unit numbers that some facilities require, we can negotiate smaller batches to get you started. With our expertise, we may actually be able to improve your formula and cut costs of production. We have done this many times before.

We value customer relations and respect privacy. All interactions are highly confidential so your sources and “trade secrets” are safe with us. All parties are protected by mutual NDA’s (Non-disclosure agreement) We also have full product liability insurance.

We take the worry out of product development which allows you to focus on marketing and promoting your lines. So contact us today. We can help. After all, this is what we do for a living.

We would like to gather some basic information from you, so that we can assess your needs and begin working with you as soon as possible.

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