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OneMillionSparks is a social funding platform especially designed for sustainable innovators who have been selected for GoodFestival, world's biggest celebration of sustainable innovation. OneMillionSparks and GoodFestival are managed by Majamba of Switzerland. Majamba has also received support from IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, Paypal Blueprint Program, Softlayer Catalyst Program, Gebert Rüf Stiftung and 7 different agencies and departments of the City, State and Federal Government in Switzerland between 2014 and 2016. Plus 5 different international organisations in Geneva and New York have shaped GoodFestival through detailed business reviews. All logos and symbols of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are used with the permission of the United Nations Department of Public Information in New York.

With One Million Sparks, innovators keep 100% of the funds raised. OneMillionSparks/Majamba does not charge anything for promoting Sustainable Innovators. Majamba makes money through running a digital agency for large companies and creating sponsorship & marketing opportunities. And 100% of all surplus after taxes is reinvested in building capabilities to promote sustainable innovators in over 100 countries.

The goal of this form is to take the stress out of setting up your campaign. All you need is: Photo / Objective / Description / Rewards (PODR) for your crowdfunding campaign. It is a structured way to fill all the information for your crowdfunding campaign.

The other distinctive thing about One Million Sparks (apart from being for free) is to do flash social funding campaigns usually for 24 hours. So here are the steps for a successful campaign:

1. Fill out this Form.
2. OneMillionSparks team will support you to test the campaign.
3. Next we will post the campaign on the OneMillionSparks web platform and the Facebook community of 260,000+ fans.

Please note campaigns that are focused on doing good are slow to take off - that's why please make sure that you have at least 5 people ready to support you. These 5 people should also be ready to share your campaign with friends. So when we start the campaign for 8 to 24 hours - here is some activity. And once the shroud of mystery of the social funding campaign has lifted - you can do as many campaigns as you want.

OK, let's get started:

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