CHS and JPII Alumni Update Form
Hello forever Falcons! We would love to keep up with you and your success throughout your lives. If your information has changed since you've graduated let us know! With updated information we can keep our records up to date, stay engaged, and ensure any important information gets to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Alumni Coordinator!
Daniel Wesolowski ('15)
(256) 617-3098
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We want to hear your opinions of your time spent at CHS or JPII! Be honest and open with us. We are striving to be the best college prep school in Alabama and constructive criticism is always helpful.
Tell us your favorite memory of your time at CHS or JPII!
What do you think CHS or JPII did right to prepare you for college or life in general? What worked for you?
We would also like to hear what you think we could improve on! What didn't work for you?
Which faculty or staff member had a lasting impression on you? Why?
Bonus Question: What is the best demerit you've heard of and who gave it out? i.e. "Seriously untucked shirt" -Lorrie Pepper 2011
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