Shaker Historical Society Community Survey
The Shaker Historical Society seeks community input as we move forward with exhibits and programming during COVID-19 and as we develop a new strategic plan to improve visitor experience, strengthen community connections, and become a more equitable community organization. Please take a moment to provide honest feedback so we can learn how to better serve you and your family through programming, exhibits, and events. All answers are anonymous.
Shaker Historical Society
Your answers to these questions help us better understand our visibility in the community, our connection with audiences, and what we can do to improve and make visitors feel more welcome.
How did you first hear about the Shaker Historical Society (SHS)? *
When was the last time you visited SHS? *
Prior to 2020, how many times per year did you visit SHS or attend SHS events? *
If you have visited SHS, what prompted your visit? Check all that apply.
What value does SHS hold for you and/or your family? Check all that apply. *
Are you an SHS member? *
If you are not a current SHS member, have you been a member in the past?
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If yes, why did you discontinue your membership? Check all that apply.
If you are not a current member, are you interested in becoming a member of SHS? *
Did you feel welcomed and comfortable visiting SHS prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? *
Why or why not?
Do you feel comfortable visiting SHS during the pandemic? *
When do you estimate you will feel comfortable visiting SHS? *
What three words come to mind when you hear "Shaker Historical Society"? *
If you could change one thing about the Shaker Historical Society, what would it be?
What kind of topics, exhibits, programs, and/or events do you want to see at the Shaker Historical Society?
Additional comments or suggestions for improvement:
All answers are anonymous and help us better understand our audience and the communities we serve. If you are not comfortable answering these questions, please select "I prefer not to answer."
How do you currently describe your gender identity? If you prefer to self-describe, please specify in "Other."(Note: This survey is anonymous.) *
What categories describe you? If you prefer to self-describe, please specify in "Other." Select all that apply. (Note: This survey is anonymous.) *
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