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Thank you for applying for a position on the field crew at J&S Contractors, Inc.. J&S is a marine construction company in Brazoria County, Texas. Our office is located in Sweeny, Texas. We have a yard in Freeport, Texas on the Old Brazos River and another yard outside Brazoria, Texas on the San Bernard River. J&S works up and down the Texas coast. We do residential & commercial marine construction. Some of the things we do include: design, fabricate, construct & repair boat houses, bulkheads, piers, docks. We also do topside repairs for ships, towboats and barges. J&S also provides crane & heavy equipment services for our customers.

Please answer all questions honestly. There are no wrong answers and no question asked will constitute an automatic rejection for employment.
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Our regular work week is Mon-Thur, 4-10's or Mon-Fri, 5-8's depending on weather/season. Can you work after hours &/or on the weekends? Please mark yes or no. We provide emergency services so we can not always guarantee no work on nights & weekends. Please choose other if you need to give an explanation. *
Most of our work is local (Freeport/Brazoria/Matagorda areas) but we do occasionally have work further away. Can & will you be able to work out of town, if needed? Please mark yes or no. Please choose other if you need to give an explanation. *
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