Data Entry for 2020 Elegant Trogon Surveys
Thank you so much for helping with the 2020 Elegant Trogon Survey of Five Sky Island Mountain Ranges in SE Arizona. This is the only organized survey for this species in the United States and is powered with community science volunteers such as yourself. This survey is organized by Tucson Audubon Society as part of the Arizona Important Bird Areas work supported by Arizona Game and Fish Dept. These surveys are also in partnership with Rick Taylor, founder of the Huachuca Mountains and Chiricahua Mountains Elegant Trogon counts.

Use this online form to enter your survey results. The first questions are about the survey itself, who was there, where you were etc. If you select the option at the bottom of the first page that you did NOT have trogons on your route, the survey ends. If you respond that you DID have trogons it takes you to a second page where you can enter information about your first trogon sighting (a single sighting can be a pair, a lone bird or two males having an interaction etc.). At the end of that page it asks if you have more trogons to report, if you respond YES, it takes you to another page to report on your next trogon (or pair) to report. When you reach your last sighting, respond NO to the question on whether you have more trogons to report and the survey ends.
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Which survey is this data for?
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If a hiking survey, did you survey your entire area? If a stationary survey, did you wait the entire survey time?
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How far did you walk during the survey? This is especially important if you did a hiking survey. This can be an approximate distance.
If anyone else helped you on the survey please enter their name(s) here.
How many miles did you travel (driving) to help with the survey (round trip)? This helps our grant tracking :)
Did you keep an eBird list of the other species you encountered? If so please put the link to your eBird checklist below. If not, please list the other species you encountered or email a photo of your checklist from the data form to Jennie at
How many total Elegant Trogons were on your route or survey area? How many males, females, immature or unknowns? It is very important that you decide, in your best judgement, how many Elegant Trogons were present in your survey area. Zero is a valid response. *
Enter any survey comments or notes here:
Did you have any Elegant Trogon observations on your survey? If you answer "no", the data entry is over. If you answer "yes" you are taken to another section to enter more information. *
Thank you so much for helping with the Elegant Trogon Surveys! If you have any questions or want more information please do feel free to call Rick Taylor at (520) 558-2351 or Jennie MacFarland at (520) 209-1804.
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