Senator Hoylman's Public Education Survey
I'm a public school parent, too. I know how difficult the last few months of the pandemic have been for both us and our kids. I'd be grateful if you could help me better understand your experiences by answering the questions below.

If you have questions or feedback, contact me at or 212-633-8052.
Are you a constituent in Senator Hoylman's District, or does your child attend a public school in the 27th Senate District. You can check who your State Senator is here: *
How many children do you currently have in public school?
What grades are your children in?
Do any of your children have an IEP?
If your child does has an IEP, what has been your child's experience?
Does your child have reliable access to a tablet, laptop or computer?
Do you have Internet service?
Are you aware the NYC Department of Education is lending Internet-enabled iPads to students?
How would you describe your child's experience with remote learning?
How much time do you or others in your household spend helping your child with remote learning?
How many family members are helping your child with remote learning?
In what ways do the adults in your household help your child with remote learning?
What platform is your school using to conduct remote learning?
How would you assess the efficacy of this platform?
Extremely difficult to use
It's working incredibly well!
Clear selection
What has worked well with this platform? What has been challenging with this platform? Please share any concerns.
How is your child being taught?
What has gone well with remote learning?
How would you change the remote learning experience?
What is your opinion of the adjusted K-12 citywide grading policy that Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza announced for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year? For more information on the grading policy, follow this link
If your child is at the point of middle school or high school admissions, what are your thoughts, questions, and concerns about how to navigate COVID-19 related admissions changes?
How concerned are you about your child's emotional well-being during remote learning?
Has your school connected you with mental health resources for your child?
At this point in time, how comfortable are you with the idea of your child physically returning to schools this Fall?
What is your level of confidence in the Department of Education's ability to adequately prepare for the fall semester
Extremely Unconfident
Extremely Confident
Clear selection
If you have concerns about your child returning to school, what are they? Do you have suggestions for how schools can safely return?
Do you have concerns about racial equity and remote learning? I'd like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
What kind of resources would benefit you in engaging with your child in conversations about race and the protests?
Would you like to recognize a teacher, principal, school administrator or PTA member who has gone above and beyond during this time? If so please include the person's name, title, school and why you think they should be recognized for their work.
Do you have other ideas or concerns you'd like to share?
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What school does your child attend? (optional)
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