NETS 213 HW1: Become a Crowd Worker
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What is your email address? *
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Are you enrolled in the class? *
Did you successfully sign up as a Worker? *
If you were unable to sign up as a worker, please give an explanation here.
If you borrowed a friend's account, please say whose account you used.
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Did you successfully sign up for a requester account? *
Only a Crowdflower requester account is needed.
If you were unable to sign up as a requester, please give an explanation here.
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If you signed up for Mechanical Turk, what is your Worker ID?
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How many assignments did you complete?
You can look up this information on your Dashboard ( or on Crowd Workers (
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What was your goal when you were working?
How much money did you make?
Format should be: $1.11
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How much time did you spend working?
Do you think you could make a reasonable wage if Mechanical Turk was your sole source of income?
Did any of your HITs get rejected?
If you did have a HIT rejected, what reason did the Requester give?
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What types of tasks did you do, and how did you pick them?
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What was the highest paying HIT that you completed?
Find it here: and then click on the HIT title, and copy-and-paste a link to the HIT group (like
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What HIT paid you the highest hourly rate?
Sort by "My hourly rate" here and then click on the HIT title, and copy-and-paste a link to the HITgroup (like
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Describe the most interesting or weirdest or most fun HIT that you found.
Write a couple of sentences describing it.
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Which do you think provides a better way of discovering work?
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Would you recommend Crowd Workers to other Turkers?
What would you do to improve the site to make it easier for users to find higher paying work?
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Did you check out any of the other Turker productivity sites or try any productivity plugins?
What did you think of the other productivity tools?
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Extra Credit: Did you Leave a review for Crowd Workers on Google Chrome store?
You can write a review here (or leave constrictive criticism on the survey below):
Extra Credit: What did your review say?
Copy and paste your text here
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Extra Credit: If you prefer to give constructive criticism instead of a review, what changes would help improve the Crowd Workers plugin?
Were there any bugs you noticed? What was difficult or unintuitive to use? What features would you like to see added?
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