Sign On: Support Demands by Kent's BIPOC Young People
DEMAND 1: Drop the lawsuit against the inquest process
- Drop the current lawsuit on the Inquest process and convince other cities to drop theirs
- Develop a fair and public review process of police killings and police brutality that is outside the City of Kent

DEMAND 2: Defund the Kent police
- Defund the Kent Police Department by at least 50%
- Eliminate the Kent School District’s school resource officer program
- Cut any ties between the Kent School District and Kent Police Department
- Demilitarize the Kent Police Department

DEMAND 3: Invest in BIPOC communities
- Develop alternatives to emergency response that do not involve police presence
- Invest in safe and affordable housing
- Invest in community governance
- Invest in community healing-- spaces in which the BIPOC community can gather together and heal from traumas related to white supremacy and colonization
- Support youth jail being closed immediately and invest in community created and led diversion programs for all individuals.

DEMAND 4: Invest in youth & students
- Hire competent mental health counselors and nurses for each school
- Invest in a decolonized curriculum and ethnic studies
- Diversify all school faculty, this includes administration as well as teachers
- Reallocate the existing 45% administrative budget toward the schools
- Invest in after-school programs that empower BIPOC students (know your rights trainings, mental health, bystander training, alternatives to calling 911)
- Redesign school disciplinary systems to disrupt school pushout
- Cut ties with the Kent Police Department

To see the full explanation of each of these demands, go to


These demands were prepared by ForFortyTwo, a group of BIPOC young people in Kent organizing to combat systemic racism in our hometown. The process of developing these demands involved over a month of meeting with and listening to BIPOC youth and young adults from Kent.

You can reach us at You can follow us on Instagram (@forfortytwo) and Facebook (@forfortytwo). Thank you for supporting us in this movement for change in Kent.
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