Get your copy of "The Ship We Built" signed!
I write on a sticker for you! You stick it in your book! Woohoo distancing book signing.

If you haven't gotten your copy of "The Ship We Built" yet! Here's a link to order while supporting independent bookstores!

If you are able to donate any amount to @Alexandria-Bean on Venmo - 50% of all profits here will go towards giving free books to people who wouldn't be able to otherwise afford them ( The other 50% will go towards supporting me as a working artist preparing a lot of free programming during COVID-19. If you decide to do this generous thing, please put in your subject line "Ship Donation" so I know what it's for.

However! No payment required! Each person who fills this out between now and July 1st will get both a lil snicker for your book and a lil object inspired by its pages.

Thank you for you!
What's the best way to reach you in case I have a question about your request? *
How many signed stickers would you like? *
Please give the name and address for where should it / they be mailed to? *
Do you want any names or special notes written on a sticker or on multiple stickers? If so, what are they? *
Anything else I should know before sending?
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