Myschievia 2017 : Awaken and Rise! Art Guide/Map Registration Form
This year's Art Guide and Map for Myschievia 2017- Awaken and Rise! will have a guide map that your art can be a part of!

If you're planning on bringing an art project, performance art piece, culinary-themed art project, sculpture, media art, musical art project, or any other art piece/form of art- this is for you!

By filling out this form, you art will be in the Myschievia 2017 : Awaken and Rise! Art Guide and Art Map. These tools are intended to help the community get excited about the projects and will give them a place where they can find your work! If there is a specific place you'd like you art to go- Tell us! We'll do our best to reserve a place for your art where you want it (within reason), or will certainly find you a perfect spot!

Participating Projects Will Have:

1) A Reserved project space at Myschievia 2017: Awaken and Rise!
2) A staked sign in front of your project with the project name.
3) A blurb in Myschievia 2017: Awaken and Rise! Art Guide
4) A spot on the Myschievia 2017: Awaken and Rise! Art Map

We encourage more art! We love art! We want to see your art! We can't wait and encourage you to participate! ALL THE ART!

::: Please fill out this form completely. Deadline is Sunday, September 17th at Midnight, 2017.:::

Follow up information will happen a few weeks before the event through email, so please give us the best email address to reach you by.

:::Proper registration with the DMV ( motorized vehicles), Fire Arts (Fire, Flame, Pyro Effects) or relevant safety team is necessary if your art project goes ZZZZZ BOP ZOOM HISSS SIZZLE BOOM.

Any questions or help, just Ask!
Hillary Anne- Art Lead (
Guinnevere Courvoisier - Assistant Art Lead Lieutenant
Tanja Van Haasen - Assistant Art Lead

:::Please continue to next section to begin!:::

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