Supplemental questions for applications to the Geosciences MS and PhD programs
This required supplement to the standard application materials asks about your potential research interests and collects your responses to four prompts. We ask about research interests to make sure that faculty with interests that overlap yours see your application. We ask for responses to four supplemental prompts in order to learn some specific information about you that you may or may not have included in your personal statement.

We have found that the following traits bode well for success in our graduate program and for the past few years we have been assessing applicants based on these traits: 1) perseverance, 2) independence, 3) curiosity, 4) ability to work in teams, 5) maturity and, 6) communication skills (written and oral). To be admitted we don’t expect each candidate to excel at every one of these traits; we recognize that you will hone and grow your skill set while in graduate school. To be admitted, we do expect candidates to show strength in many of these traits and to recognize the value of these skills for success in graduate school.

The four prompts in the supplemental material provide an opportunity for you to describe in a paragraph or two how you demonstrate strengths that can serve you well in our program. You may copy and paste elements directly from your personal statement. You might also share these prompts with your reference letter writers so that they can speak to your strengths.

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