HERB PA Application
Herbology is currently looking for PAs to assist with grading. The best applicants must:

1-Be a good example for other students in terms of being helpful and knowledgeable in the subject.

2-Have completed First Year of Herbology (or more) with ideally a 90% or higher (must have completed ALL assignments of First Year Herbology, including Extra Credit ones).

3-Fill out this application thoroughly to give Professor Aspen a good idea of your personality, experience, and strengths.

4-Have a good command of the English language (after all, our communications are in English. However, you do not need to be a native speaker).

If you run into questions or difficulties as you answer these questions, please contact Professor Aspen, rather than turning in an incorrect or partial application, as those will not be considered!
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These questions are designed to help me get to know the person behind the name. This is important, as we'll be working together closely and I will be selecting you to represent my class. Answer all questions honestly to give me a good idea of who you are as a person!
What is your name? *
What is your HiH URL? *
If you do not know what this is, contact Professor Aspen. This is necessary for your application to be considered (Hint: your URL is in the address bar when you go to your profile on HiH).
Do you have a Facebook (either your personal or HiH student persona) that you are comfortable using for team purposes and is checked frequently? If so, please provide the URL to your page. *
Facebook is one of the primary methods used to relay important information to PAs. Having a Facebook makes it much easier to get in contact with you.
How would you prefer to be contacted about the results of your application? *
Tell me about yourself. *
How old are you? *
Would you rather be allergic to potions or allergic to spell-casting. Why? *
If you could rewrite Harry Potter, but had to remove one person from the story, who would you remove, and why? *
What other fandoms (video games, literature, TV shows) are you part of? *
Are some magical plants sentient? Discuss. *
What is your favorite plant? Why is it your favorite? *
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