Gallery Kids Sign Up Form - February 1, 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Location: UCM Art Center)
Please sign up your 8-15 year old for the next Gallery Kids Event. Participants will tour Joey Borovicka's painting exhibition and then head to the studios to create their own three dimensional diorama of a real or fantasy interior or personal space! We will meet at the Art Center. (Parking is free on Saturdays across the street in Faculty Lot 10.)
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This EMERGENCY MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION AND RELEASE hereby authorizes personnel of the UCM Department of Art & Design to make emergency medical decisions as to illness and/or injury which my child(ren) may develop or sustain as part of this program’s activities. Said personnel shall make all reasonable efforts to contact me(us) as parent(s) prior to authorizing any medical treatment, but may authorize such medical treatment in what the authorized person believes to be the best interests of said child(ren).
We'd like to make photographs of the GALLERY KIDS in action! May we take your child's picture and use it for promotional purposes only? Images will not be sold or used outside of UCM. Plus, we'll email you copies of the pictures we take during class!
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