Future Remote Learning Survey - Parents & Guardians
As we conclude the 2019-2020 school year we are looking forward to September. This year, we entered into the realm of remote learning with little warning and worked rapidly to launch our current plans. Although we hope to be back in the school house next year, we are actively planning for possible scenarios. The purpose of this survey is to determine how parents, guardians, students, and faculty would like to see remote learning, if required, in the future. Please complete this survey considering a format where we are fully remote. We also ask that you complete one survey for each child in your care that will attend the Mansfield Public Schools next year. We may seek more feedback on other scenarios later on, if needed. To help you with this survey, here are some definitions to consider:

Remote Learning: Learning activities that are designed to be engaged in at home during a school closure.

Asynchronous Activities: Learning activities students can access that are designed to be completed on a flexible schedule without immediate teacher availability.

Synchronous Activities: Learning activities students participate in that are scheduled at a fixed time with their teacher.

Project Based Learning: Longer term assignments that include multiple teachers and student provided sources. They are completed independently with periodic teacher support.
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