ICMEg questionaire (Survey on Modeling / Simulation Tools)
The vision of ICMEg is a new strategy of materials and process development. In this strategy a variety of academic and commercial simulation tools – present and future – can be easily combined across different process steps and also bridging different length scales. This "plug & play" type architecture will be based on an object oriented, standardized information exchange.

One of the objectives of ICMEg is to stimulate knowledge sharing in the field of multiscale materials design and to communicate a widely accepted standard on ICME.

Your participation in this questionnaire will help us to collect and evaluate useful information related to present and future of ICME use.

In case you indicate your contact details (name, e-mail), we will be pleased to communicate the statistical evaluation of this survey to you.

This questionnaire is based on the one developed in the frame of MMP project and further extended for the purpose of ICMEg. Here we would like to credit the contribution of TUe, CTU, and ACCESS.

Thanks a lot for your participation!

Your ICMEg team

ICMEg- the Integrated Compuattional Materials Engineering expert group
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