LMS School Climate Survey for Parents/Guardians
This survey is an opportunity for you to help this school by sharing your opinions.
In what grade is your child?
Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements about Laurel Middle School (LMS).
LMS promotes academic success of all students.
LMS treats all students with respect.
LMS clearly tells students in advance what will happen if they break school rules.
LMS keeps me well-informed about school activities.
LMS provides quality counseling or others ways to help students with social or emotional needs.
LMS is an inviting place for students to learn.
LMS allows input and welcomes parents' contributions.
LMS enforces school rules equally for my child and all students.
LMS provides quality activities that meet my child's interests and talents, such as sports, clubs, and music.
LMS is a safe place for my child.
LMS promptly responds to my phone calls, messages or emails.
LMS encourages me to be an active partner with the school in education my child.
Teachers at this school communicate with parents about what students are expected to learn in class.
Parents feel welcome to participate at this school.
School staff take parent concerns seriously.
LMS actively seeks the input of parents before making important decisions.
LMS has clean and well-maintained facilities.
LMS motivates students to learn.
LMS has a supportive learning environment.
Adults at LMS really care about students.
Based on your experience, how much of a problem at this school is...
student tobacco use including cigarettes and/or smokeless tobacco such as dip, chew, snuff?
student use of electronic cigarettes, or other vaping device?
student alcohol use?
student drug use?
harassment or bullying of students?
physical fighting between students?
students not respecting staff?
gang-related activity?
weapons possession?
Since the beginning of this school year, has any adult in your child's household done any of the following things at LMS?
Attended a school event such as a play, dance, sports event or science fair?
Served as a volunteer in a classroom?
Attended a general school meeting such as open house?
Attended a meeting of a parent-teacher organization?
Gone to a regularly scheduled parent-teacher conference?
Participated in fundraising for LMS?
Served on a school committee at LMS?
Met with a guidance counselor in person?
Please give any other thoughts about Laurel Middle School.
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