ACM Ministries Display Form
We are designing an interactive display for large scale conferences with hopes of eventually expanding to accommodate personal use for ACM members. Please fill out all the information to the best of your ability pertaining to your specific campus ministry. We will use this information to present a basic outline of your campus ministry. Thank you for your time and participation!
Email address *
Name *
University name and location *
Name of Ministry *
School Colors and Mascot *
If applicable, please name the regional/larger organization of which your ministry is a part
Please list individuals on your staff (Include their position title)
Please upload a picture of each individual staff member (3 or more staff? Please upload a group picture of everyone) ** please label pictures with school and number of pic (ex. UofK1, UofK2)
Please provide 2 or 3 interesting facts about the University itself. (examples include: student population, percent of international students, key majors, are you the only campus ministry, high sports achievements, etc.)
Please select 4-5 words or topics that would best describe what you do as a ministry
Each ministry can have from 3-8 pictures on their individual screen. Please upload pictures here. (The idea is for the pictures to relate to the words you selected previously) ** please label pictures with school and number of pic (ex. UofK3, UofK4)
If you have any questions or any extra information about your ministry, please let us know here
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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