SBSA Post Event Form 2019-2020
This form is designed for SBSA members who led events and/or made purchases and wish to be reimbursed. Please provide the following feedback for your event to help SBSA when evaluating programming and setting future budgets. The third page of the form will be for reimbursements.

Anyone who has made purchases on behalf of SBSA (using a credit or debit card) and wishes to be reimbursed for these expenses will need the following documents:

1. An itemized receipt that shows WHAT you purchased.

2. Proof of payment - This can be the same receipt from above as long as it shows payment for the purchase with an ending balance of $0. The receipt cannot say payment pending or approved, it must be completed. The credit card charge must be apparent on the receipt (showing the last four digits of the card). A credit card statement will also work as long it contains your name and card number. Please black out other expenses on the statement.

Please EMAIL these documents to Please name the receipt files with the format VENDOR_DATE_COST, for example, PizzaMyHeart_9-25_287.15. They cannot exceed 2 MB, and each receipt must be in its own file.

Reminder, please follow the other post-event activities outlined at:
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