Auto Added Linked Passes Interest form
This form aims to collect details of partners interested in trying out the Auto Added linked passes. The data that you share here would be guided by our Acceptable use policy and our Terms of service

By submitting a request you permit Google to contact you regarding the launch and status of this feature.
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Issuer name *
Name of the company / entity issuing the pass. For eg: if your company is Waymo and issuing a Waymo pass, Please enter the name as Waymo and not as Alphabet unless you're an aggregator / service provider.
Issuer id *
This is the issuer id that you find on the "Google Wallet API" tab of the Google Pay and Wallet console. Eg: 3XXXX000000XXXXXXXX
Cloud project id *
This is the could project which is being used to generate wallet passes and access the Google Wallet API.  you can find it on your  Google Cloud homepage
Comma separated list of Email ids to grant access to documentation for auto added linked passes. *
Added 1 email id per line with comma at the end of line. 
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