Team Felton/Triad Hornets Parent/Player Contact
Each parent and player is required to adhere to the following guidelines.
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Never approach coaches or staff members during practices or games regarding player/playing concerns. Wait 24 hours before scheduling meetings with coaches. *
No profanity, vulgar or inappropriate language directed at TBA/Hornets players, coaches or parents AND opposing team players, coaches or parents. *
NO REFUNDS. This includes dismissal or voluntary termination with Team Felton/Hornets organization . *
All practices are mandatory. *
Alert coaches of absences as soon as possible. *
Inconsistent practice attendance will warrant less playing time or removal from the team. *
TOURNAMENT ATTENDANCE Players are required to attend all tournaments and stay through awards ceremony. If parents are unable to stay, please make arrangements for your child to do so. *
Competition dress code must be followed at all times for the duration of tournaments. *
All behavior, comments and actions should be appropriate and reflect good sportsmanship. *
Please give coaches a 1 week notice if there are circumstances that will prevent your child from attending/playing in a scheduled tournament. *
ARRIVE 1 HOUR BEFORE THE START OF GAMES. Players need proper time to warm up before games. Tournaments are often behind or ahead of schedule. *
Please do not complain about officials and respect their judgment. *
Always control your emotions on and off the court. Failure to do so can result in dismissal from the tournament or team. *
I agree to maintain my own health insurance for myself, my child, my family members. Additionally, I agree to hold harmless Triad Basketball Academy, Triad Hornets, any agent or representative in the event of any injury, death or medical emergency relating to or not relating to basketball. I also agree that basketball is an inherently dangerous spot and I am full aware of any potential risk of injury or death. I agree to waive any responsibility to me my family or my student athlete that is a member of the Triad Hornets or Triad Basketball Academy. By checking this box I agree to All the above terms. *
I agree to pay $500 for Basketball registration. *
I agree to participate in volunteer activities for the organization to assist in team fees, sponsorship or fundraising. *
I agree that it is an privilege to play for the Team Felton/Triad Hornets organization. I agree that I will play exclusively with this organization and that I will not participate with any other team play unless it has been approved in writing or email by the coach. *
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