Global Trade Helpdesk Beta User Survey
Dear Sir/Madam,

The Global Trade Helpdesk aims to provide complete and accessible information for companies across the globe to help inform their business decisions. The Beta version of the platform, which still under development, is accessible at You can access an example of one of our popular searches here.
We would like to be sure that we are developing a tool that matches your company’s needs.

Please help us by answering the following questions about the Global Trade Helpdesk based on your experience. It will take only a few minutes.

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Global Trade Helpdesk team

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Please visit to and complete a search for your product to one of your target markets.
Based on this experience, please answer the following questions:
I. Please rate how difficult or easy it was to find the information for your product and the relevant HS code using the Global Trade Helpdesk.
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Additional comments on finding product information:
II. Did you find the key trade and market information you need for your market research on the Global Trade Helpdesk?
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If not, please explain what information was missing to facilitate your market research:
III. Which information was relevant to your company’s market research needs? (Multiple Options allowed)
Please specify if any other:
IV. Which additional information would be useful to you to better inform your business decisions? (Multiple Options allowed)
Other, please specify:
V. Which additional portal features would be useful to further support your market research using Global Trade Helpdesk? (Multiple Options allowed)
Translation into additional languages, please specify language:
Other, please specify:
VI. Please rate how easy or difficult you found it to navigate through the Global Trade Helpdesk website and access the relevant information.
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If difficult, how can we make it easier?
VII. Please rate the quality of tool performance (speed of data loading, etc):
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If low, how can we improve tool performance?
VIII. Which area(s) could Global Trade Helpdesk improve to better meet your needs? (Multiple Options allowed)
Other, please specify:
IX. What are the main sources you are currently using to access trade and market information?
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Databases, for which I pay to use, please specify:
Other sources, please specify:
X. We want to better serve your needs! Do you have any suggestions or final comments on how to improve the Global Trade Helpdesk?
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