Eurovision Express Rotterdam
Travel in a green and fun way to Eurovision 2021! OGAE Sweden has taken the initiative for a project with NordWest Express & Snälltåget which will create new ways of travelling to the Eurovisions of the future. First we need to find out how much interest there is for a project like this.

For 2021 the plan is to organise a Eurovision Experience train between Berlin and Rotterdam with entertainment on board. Other trains will connect from Scandinavia and other countries, and of course other places in Germany. For Scandinavian fans there is the night train ("Snälltåget") from Stockholm, picking up fans all the way through southern Sweden and Denmark before changing to the ESC Express in Berlin. According to this plan the train from Berlin would leave Friday 14 May and return from Rotterdam on Sunday 23 May.
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We are thinking / choosing between two options; either a day (evening) train from Berlin or a night train for the departure, (for the return it would be a day train from Rotterdam).
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