Core principles for joint action
At WECF, we are glad to engage with new partners. Partners are for us allies who share a common vision of gender-just sustainable development, and who are civil society women, feminist and environment organisations or movements. We like creative engagement, and we encourage partners to take initiatives for capacity-building, policy advocacy and monitoring and campaigns. We commit to give feedback on ideas for joint actions and campaigns and to give regular updates on upcoming opportunities.
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Nomination procedure
Our International Advisory Board (IAB) provides advice on the direction and strategies of our directors and trustees. The IAB analyses new partner requests and has the power to approve or reject applications. They meet once a year, so your request will be dealt with at the upcoming IAB meeting. If you are not from a non-governmental organisation working for women's rights in the frame of sustainable development, then we encourage you to sign up our newsletter instead.
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Our principles
Cooperation with partners is built on trust and solidarity. We ask from our partners that they will not act in a way that would be seen as contradictory to our vision and principles, our code of conduct and our SEA policy. We also ask partners to check with us when wanting to use our network, name or logo and to share their knowledge, tools and skills with other network members.

Code of Conduct

Sexual abuse and exploitation prevention policy

Strategic plan 2015-2020
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Organisations working in-line with our vision & mission are welcome to join our network. As a partner, you must support our core principles for joint action; agree to work in accordance with our code of conduct and our sexual abuse and exploitation prevention policy. Send your application to one of our secretariat offices.
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